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Guilds are social groups that allow HabitRPG players to discuss similar interests and participate in group challenges. Some current guilds on HabitRPG include guilds for musicians, writers, parents, and highly stressed high school and college students. Players can find them in Guilds under the Social tab. (direct link)

Guilds are free to join and are an important part of HabitRPG culture. Joining a guild with like-minded individuals can help you keep your motivation high and focus on your special interest(s). You can be a member of multiple guilds.

Joining a guild is voluntary, and being a member of a guild confers no benefits to the leveling experience; while you can participate in guild-specific challenges, being in a guild does not have any effect while questing.  

The list of guilds you are in is private, so other players will not be able to see which guilds you have joined.

Guild Tab InterfaceEdit

Guilds page

Previewing a GuildEdit

The only way to see the current challenges and content of a guild before joining is to have the specific link for a guild. Some of the links to popular public guilds are listed in the Guilds Guide and some can be found in the Armory.

Types of GuildsEdit

HabitRPG offers two types of guilds: 

  • Public Guilds allow anyone to join them with the press of a button.
  • Private Guilds are by invitation only and will require someone in the guild to manually enter new members.

Joining a Public GuildEdit

Once you get to Guilds, you will automatically be on the Public Guilds tab, where you find the list of the available public guilds.

  1. Find a compatible guild. To find a guild, you can either:
    • Scroll through the list.
    • Enter your criteria in the search box. For example, if you want to find people who are artists, type 'artist' in the search box. As you are typing, HabitRPG begins to narrow the list of available guilds using a smart search algorithm. If no guild matches your criteria as you're typing, the list vanishes.
  2. Click on the green Join button to the right.
  3. You will be immediately taken to that guild.

Joining a Private GuildEdit

Joining a private guild is similar to joining a party.  

  1. Find your User ID.
  2. Send your User ID to a guild member.
  3. Accept the invitation, which can be found in the Guild tab.
  4. Go to your guild screen to see the new guild in your list.

Guild CreationEdit

  1. Click on "Create Guild".
  2. Enter a name for your new guild.
  3. Add a description for your guild.
  4. Choose 'Public' or 'Invite Only' (Private).
  5. Click on "Create".
  6. A pop-up asks you if you want to spend 4 gems to create a guild. Click on "Ok".

Congratulations! You've started your own guild.

Guild BankEdit


The four gems the guild leader spent on creating a guild are deposited in the Guild Bank. They can be used for challenge prizes.

When a guild leader creates a challenge with the prize in gems, it is taken first from the Guild Bank by default. The gems from the guild leader's personal account will be used only if the challenge prize exceeds the number of gems in the Guild Bank.

Guild CustomizationEdit

Once created, you can change a number of settings relating to your guild. On your main guild page, click the "Edit Group" button. This expands a new window giving you a number of options. You can change the guild name here, and set or change the description. If you have a logo for your guild, enter the link for it in the "Logo URL" field. The last option is to Assign Group Leader; useful if you wish to leave, and pass the leadership on to another group member.

Note: Having created a guild, you can leave it but not remove it, even if there are no other members.

Transferring Guild OwnershipEdit

If the guild owner leaves without assigning a new leader, the most senior party member will be assigned the new leader automatically.

If the guild owner has abandoned the guild but has not left it, currently there is no mechanism within the game to transfer guild leadership to another player. The suggested method is to send an email to In the email, include

  • Your Unique User ID (UUID).
  • The UUID of the new owner. You can find their UUID by clicking on their name in a guild or Tavern or party chat
  • The Group ID of the guild which you can find in the left-hand column on the guild page. It will be another string of random characters.
  • The name of the guild.

Participating in GuildsEdit

Chat ForumEdit

Guilds are essentially forums to converse about common topics of interest. The chat forums support a type of formatting called Markdown formatting (see: Markdown Cheat Sheet). This allows you to format your text in a number of ways and also allows you to use emoji (also known as emoticons) within your forum posts. To participate in guild discussions, simply post your message into the chat box and press enter.

The 200 most recent messages are stored in any given chat forum, based on its timestamp. Each message has a "+1" marker next to it that you can click on to upvote a message you liked; there is no way to downvote a comment, and you can't vote for your own comments.


Guilds also host a wide variety of challenges. The challenges for your guild are located on the left hand side-bar under the guild description. Clicking on the challenge redirects you to the social challenges page. This page enables you to find out more about the challenges and participate in them.


Guild-based Challenges can be set to only appear for members of that guild.

Members of a guild can also host their own challenges. Challenges that are created with a guild selected are semi-private. They are only available and visible to members of the selected guild.

Tavern challenges are considered public challenges, since every Habitican is automatically a member of the Tavern guild.

For more information about challenges and how to host them, please refer to Challenges.

Leaving a GuildEdit


Membership list of a sample guild.

If you decide you want to leave a guild:

  • Go to the Guilds page from the Social menu (direct link).
  • Click on the name of the guild you wish to leave.
  • Click on the red Leave button under the Members list.
  • Click "Confirm" in the popup.

Known BugsEdit

Join Button in Guild Where I'm a MemberEdit

habitrpg Issue #4798

The green "Join" button is appearing in a guild where you are already a member. Also, the "Leave" button isn't showing..

Solution: You can ignore the Join button. If you want to leave the guild, you can search for it in the Guilds page and click the red Leave button there.

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