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Your Life, The Role Playing Game


Learn how to play HabitRPG, an open-source habit building program that treats your life like a Role Playing Game. This wiki is written and maintained by the players of HabitRPG.
Please join us.

Getting Started

After you finish Justin the Guide's Tour, and delete the sample Habits, Dailies and To-Dos, you can begin your HabitRPG adventure in three simple steps. For more in depth guidance, have a look around the Gameplay section of the wiki menu.

Step 1: Enter Tasks

First, enter a few tasks. You can add more later as you think of them.

  • Enter tasks you do once or rarely in the To-Dos column, one at a time.
  • Enter activities you need to do daily or on a particular day of the week in the Dailies column. Click the item's pencil icon to 'edit' the day(s) of the week it will be due.
  • Enter habits you want to establish in the Habits column. Edit the Habit to change it to just a good habit (+) or a bad habit (-).
  • Activities or treats which you want to use as a motivation or allow yourself in moderation can be added in the Rewards column.

Bonus: If you need inspiration, see the Sample Habits, Sample Dailies, Sample To-Dos, and Sample Rewards.

Step 2: Gain Points by Doing Things

As you complete activities, you will gain experience points (XP), which help you level-up, and gain gold points (GP), which allow you to purchase Rewards. If you fall into bad habits, or miss your Dailies you will lose health points (HP). In that way, the HabitRPG experience and health bars serve as a fun indicator of your progress toward your goals.

Step 3: Customize & Explore HabitRPG

Once you're familiar with the basics, you can get even more out of HabitRPG with these nifty features:

Would you like more information?

Additional Resources

HabitRPG Walkthrough02:21

HabitRPG Walkthrough

Are you new to HabitRPG or back from a hiatus? Then this is for you.


Community Guidelines

We now have newly devised Community Guidelines. Make sure to read them carefully to keep our community the great place it is.

JiggerD (talk) 11:09, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

Link to External Images!

You can now place externally hosted images using an image URL into our Wiki by using this template. So if you want to link to a HabitRPG picture but don't want to download it to your computer and then upload it to this wiki, this template will be handy for you.

In other news, the Admins can now be seen in green when they post in the forums, so give us a shout if you need our attention. ;)

Breadstrings (talk) 09:42, August 10, 2014 (UTC)

New Contribution Levels System

I'm a bit late with this news, but our new contribution level system is working well thus far. :)

Thank you all for your feedback and patience regarding the levels and I hope to see many of your applications soon. The wiki admins are speeding through applications pretty fast, so the lag time between applying and receiving a response from us is usually less than one week.

For more details about the new system, head over to The Knights Chambers.

Happy Editing! ~Breadstrings 11 Feb 2014

Upcoming Wiki Features

HabitRPG is currently in the process of migrating our old community page into this wiki. So keep an eye out for the integration of poll pages and improved forums (courtesy of JiggerD)!

As a recent addition, you can now go to our Forums if you are looking for a group, just like you used to in the community site.

Happy Habiteering!

~Breadstrings 11 Jan 2014

Wiki tavern challenge

If you want to help improve the wiki, visit Taking the Wiki Live for more details about Contributing to the Great Library of Habitica.

Contrib Gear

You can now unlock a new, top-tier gear set and pet by contributing (code, art, docs, etc) to HabitRPG.

More News - Discuss the News - GitHub Issues

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Want people to know more about your guild or party? Feel like it needs it's own wiki page? Well we have a place for that! Head over to The Armory to create a page in honour of your guild or party.


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