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Clicking on the gear shows the Settings menu.

Settings can be found by clicking on the gear-shaped icon in the top-right corner of HabitRPG then clicking "Site" from the drop-down list (direct link).

Settings SubsectionEdit

The "Settings" subsection on the settings page controls some of the minor gameplay options that can be changed to suit your preferences.
  • Language: HabitRPG is set by default to English, but other languages are available. Some translations might still be incomplete. If you have some language skills and want to get involved, see the Guidance for Linguists page for tips on how to get started.
  • Show Header: This check box reveals the player's avatar, party members, and health, experience, and mana bars.
  • Sticky header: Affixes the header to the top of the screen. Unchecked means that it scrolls out of view.
  • Open new tasks in edit mode: When creating new tasks, the edit mode is displayed instead of creating the task immediately. 
  • Tag list in tasks starts collapsed: Tags are hidden until the player clicks to show them.
  • Advanced Options in tasks start collapsed: The Advanced Options in edit mode are hidden until the player clicks to show them.
  • Show Tour: This button restarts the in-game tutorial.
  • Show Bailey: This button summons Bailey, who appears in the toolbar next to the Subscription button. Clicking Bailey brings up the New Stuff! bulletin (pop-up window), with announcements for HabitRPG. Bailey can be hidden by clicking "Dismiss This Alert". To keep Bailey visible click the "Cool" button.
  • Fix Character Values: Manually change values like health, level, and gold. This can be useful if an error affected these values.
  • Show Classes Tour: Replays the tour for using the class system.

Custom Day StartEdit


The Custom Day feature uses the 24-hour clock.

The custom day start (see Cron) is the time of day at which one day ends and the next day begins in the player's HabitRPG world; all tasks register the passage of a day. The default day start is midnight in the player's time zone, based on the time registered by the player's computer. The custom day start uses a 24 hour clock.

The start of the day can be changed to suit the player's needs. To change the day start time, enter an hour from 0 to 24. It should be noted that this is a highly-experimental feature and many people experience problems with it! It might be safest to leave it set to 0 unless you really need a different time.

Change PasswordEdit

This area lets the player change their password. Click the "Submit" button to have the changes activated.

Danger ZoneEdit

Approach with caution: the settings in this area have drastic and permanent effects on your HabitRPG gameplay.

Danger zone

The Danger Zone is at the bottom of the Settings page.

  • Reset Account: This button resets many parts of your account. You will lose all your levels, gold, and experience points. All your tasks will be deleted permanently and you will lose all of your task's historical data. You will lose all your equipment but you will be able to buy it all back, including all limited edition equipment or subscriber Mystery items that you already own (you will need to be in the correct class to re-buy class-specific gear). You will keep your current class and your pets and mounts. Important: If you decide to use Reset, when you click on the button you will see a description of its actions. You must read that description carefully in case the actions have been changed since this wiki page was last updated! (A less dangerous, gem-purchasable alternative to reset is the Orb of Rebirth.)
  • Delete Account: This button permanently deletes the player's account.

For obvious reasons, it is recommended to avoid this area unless the player wants to perform one of these actions as they cannot be undone once performed.

Old TutorialEdit

The tutorial below has some information about some of the settings, however the navigation instructions are no longer correct.

HabitRPG Tutorial 4 Settings & 3rd Party Apps03:26

HabitRPG Tutorial 4 Settings & 3rd Party Apps

Tutorial on Settings & 3rd Party Apps

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